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Veronika Dash graduated, Magna Cum Laude, from the ‘School Of Dramatic Arts’ at the prestigious University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre. Upon graduation, she has become bicoastal, traveling between New York City and Los Angeles to work on upcoming pilots, films, and theater projects.

In her latest work, Dash can be seen alongside Jane Fonda and Harvey Keitel in the feature film "Youth," or La Giovinezza, directed by Oscar-Winner Paolo Sorrentino. She fondly recalls her day off from shooting, in Davos, Switzerland, where she hiked to the peak of the 2,374 meter high Strelapass in the Alps and ran through the meadows singing “The Hills Are Alive,” with her co-stars, as an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience.

Veronika Dash was born on October 28th in Kiev, Ukraine and is bilingual; she speaks English and Russian fluently. She is also conversationally proficient in Italian, and possesses an innate love for the language, culture and music. Dash grew up in New York City and revealed her passion for performing at a young age; she was victorious in numerous storytelling contests, participated in all her school productions, and was a member of the Drama Club and choir since the second grade.

Her spark for theatre was initially ignited after she landed her first big lead in the school production of The King and I, where she played a British schoolteacher named Anna. She majored in Performing Arts and learned the necessary skills in acting, music and dance to become a triple threat. She exceled in all of her studies, despite the rigorous schedule of her specialized high school, while landing lead roles in productions like A Chorus Line and Guys And Dolls. Veronika also participated in weekly workshops for an entire year in order to prepare for an International Talent competition: She won the ‘Junior Actor of the Year’ award, sparking the beginning of her professional career.

Since then, Dash has successfully booked work in TV/Film, Commercials, Stage, Print, Hosting and Voice-Over. She continues to perfect her craft by taking Master Classes with the legendary acting coach Larry Moss, brushing up on her inherent comedy/improv skills at the Upright Citizens Brigade, and taking private voice lessons.

Veronika has an insatiable love for life and an incredible humanity that she brings to her work. Even her bombshell appearance is incapable of overshadowing her undeniable intellect, quick wit, genuine personality, and chameleon-like ability to transform into a role. She is no stranger to the classics, playing strong female characters like Beatrice in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, Cherry in George Farquhar’s The Beaux’ Stratagem and, most recently, Dawn in Kenneth Lonergan’s Lobby Hero. She reprised the role of ‘Sarah’ in the original New York dark comedy play Scottish Sperm performed in the famous Zoofest ‘Just For Laughs’ Comedy festival in Montreal, Canada, and was one of the leads taking the audience back to the 1940s in the immersive theatre production ‘Howard Hughes’ in Playa Vista, California. While her stage credits are impressive, Dash has also made memorable on-screen appearances showing off her comedic chops as Amanda McCormick in the satirical show, The Onion News Network, and working alongside actors like Most Def in the SONY feature film Cadillac Records, Justin Long and Ari Graynor in the Focus Feature comedy film For A Good Time Call.

Veronika is an advocate for education and has received numerous awards for Academic excellence and recognition for creative writing. Her love and talent for writing is visible through her several awards including Editors Choice Award-International Library of Poets, Staten Island Tech Essay Scholarship Award, Pace University Journalism award, the David A. Bickimer Academy of American Poets Prize and Excellence in Research Awards for her essay, “Women in Modern Theatre: An Ethnodrama.” She aspires to one day publish a manuscript of her full poetic works.

Aside from loving film, theatre, art, music and poetry, she also has a great passion for learning new languages, traveling and adventure. She’s gone skydiving in San Diego, zip lining (upside down) in Costa Rica and swimming with Sharks in Key Largo. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, rollerblading, Bikram yoga and taking up new challenges like fencing, aerial yoga and boxing. She values spending time with family and friends. Her goal is to inspire others, to express humanity authentically through the works of great writers, to collaborate with artists she admires, to effectively tell great stories and as Larry Moss puts it, “give something meaningful to the world.”

She dreams of one day winning an Oscar for Best actress in a leading role. She is already working on her acceptance speech.