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Veronika Dash kicks off the New Year switching things up and spending Pilot Season in NYC, flying back and forth to LA upon request. She is very excited for the theatrical release of "Youth," which premiered at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival directed by Italy’s iconic filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino; Paolo won his first Oscar last year for the Italian film The Great Beauty. (La Grande Bellezza) Veronika Dash worked along side legendary actors like Jane Fonda & Harvey Keitel.


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Veronika Dash was flown out to Switzerland and had an incredible time shooting with Paolo Sorrentino in his 2nd American film Youth, or "La Giovinezza." Dash plays a character emulating the essence of the bombshell Marilyn Monroe along side an A List cast including Jane Fonda, Harvey Keitel, Michael Cane, Rachel Weisz & Paul Dano just to name a few. It was the first time she got to put her Italian language skills to use on set with an Italian Director, DP & crew.

Upright Citizens Brigade

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Veronika brushes up on her innate comedy skills by studying Improv with some of the best teachers at the renowned Upright Citizens Brigade School in Chelsea, NYC. She was equally excited for her series regular consideration in a new comedy pilot where she read for one of her comedy icons, Tina Fey, in a Director/Producer session.

Larry Moss

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Veronika Dash was accepted to study with the legendary Hollywood coach Larry Moss in his Advanced Intensive Master Class. She performed the role of a New York City police officer, Dawn, in Kenneth Lonergans' play 'Lobby Hero' at the Playhouse Theater.


Tyler Shields

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Veronika Dash was also asked to model for a new series shot by iconic celebrity photographer, Tyler Shields, crossing one of her dreams off of her very long bucket list. “About 6 years ago or so I stumbled across a photographers work that left me spellbound. The concepts, the style, the originality, the meticulous yet raw art of it all. That day I wrote down on my bucket list 'Work With Tyler Shields' and then somehow it happened. Life works in mysterious ways.”

Howard Hughes

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Veronika Dash was also cast as a LEAD Flight Attendant in a beautiful experimental theatre piece in honor of “Howard Hughes.” A one night only lavish set design by 72 & Sunny Studios in Playa Vista, CA which transformed the actual office into a stage where actors interact with audience in a ‘Sleep No More’ fashion. Directed by New York theatre director Oliver Butler and written by Kyle Jarrow.